We will be tuning in online up here in York.
Its here! Its today! Have a wonderful day. Will be thinking of you and sending loads of love to you both xxx
Auldra and lee good luck for your wedding tomorrow.
Mr. & Mrs. McElwain would like to accept your kind invitation to the joyous occasion of your marriage at the Webbington Hotel o 22nd April, 2014. (Well done. Love Mum & George) xxx
Mr. & Mrs. McElwain are delighted to accept your kind invitation to attend the joyous occasion of your wedding at the Webbington Hotel on 22nd April, 2014. (Well done. Love Mum & George) xxx
Congratulations to the best couple out there so happy for you and cant wait to watch the big day love you lots xxx
Congratulations guys, you will make an adorable hubby and wife, Since you guys got together I didn't picture you two of anything but! Ahhh I'm Just so excited for you! I hope everything goes to plan and you don't get too stressed out about anything! I'm always at the other end of the phone if you need any numbers :-)
Lots and lots of love your adopted daughter and son in law Laura and Gary xxxxxxx
Congratulations! You deserve to be the happiest woman mum! And I knew from day one it was meant to be! As for you Lee. You can finally say.. "I am your father". I love you both! Cannot wait for your special day! :) xxxxxxxxx
Congratulations to you both. Yay!!!! Ur getting married x x x x x
I'm so excited for you both, brought a tear to my eye watching the proposal. You both deserve all the happiness in the world. You will look stunning as always Auntie Auldra. Love you millions from Sam, Tyler, Rowen and Jaylee x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Congratulations !!!